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Contact Information

Managing Directors:
Dr. Arnd Schröder, Klaus Schmidt

Main Office:
MAGIX Software GmbH
Quedlinburger Straße 1
D-10589 Berlin

HRB Berlin 127205
Ust.ID Nr. DE 813 263 603

Commerzbank AG Berlin II
Account.: 408 428 9800
Bank code: 120 800 00

Some of the brand names and titles used on this website are property of MAGIX Software GmbH.
Names of other companies and products listed on this website may be brands of their respective owners.


Please use the corresponding forum for submitting general support requests regarding the application configuration, installing the server software for local use, downloading and using the database archives etc. Please also read the FAQ first before posting anything. Many questions have already been answered there. If you are experiencing problems with a specific application, it might also be a good idea to contact support for that program.

Submitting programs and developer support

To notify us of freedb-aware releases of applications that are not yet on our list of please write to: . You can also write to this address if you are a developer and have questions regarding freedb. You may write in English or German.

Please note that we require all applications to be tested before they are added to the list of freedb-aware applications.

Other requests

All other requests to freedb not fitting into the above-mentioned criteria, such as reports about server problems, new freedb mirror offers, etc. should be submitted to: