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Server software

As already mentioned, all tools and applications used/available here will be GPL'ed. You will find the software needed to run your own freedb-alike server here.

We made several fixes and improvements to the old server software (version 1.4b39 - last version released completely under the GPL in late 1997) including the implementation of protocol levels 4, 5 & 6 - the lscat and the discid command. Of course we hope to improve it further. When a new server software is ready we will release it here.

cddbd-1.5.2 unpacked  
freedb-proto5-update A perl script to convert the database to the new format used since version 1.4.b42 of the server software.

A Java implementation of a CDDB protocol server is also available, which is being developed under the GPL by Andy Key. It's currently in alpha status and only supports http and protocol level 4. Instead of using flat text files it uses a MySQL database for storing the data. It can be used on various OS, including MS Windows. If you're interested, please visit the JMBase Server homepage at Sourceforge.