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Clarkson, Kelly / Kelly, Kelly, Kelly - Live On American IdolDetails
Tracks: 31
Total time: 77:08
Year: 2002
Disc-ID: rock / b512201f
1.Respect (1) (06-25-02)1:14
2.You're All I Need (07-16-02)1:37
3.Natural Woman (07-23-02)1:33
4.Don't Play That Song (07-30-02)1:40
5.Stuff Like That There (08-06-03)1:46
6.Walk On By (08-13-02)2:03
7.It's Raining Men (08-20-02)1:36
8.I Surrender (08-20-02)1:40
9.Thinck Twice (08-27-02)2:42
10.Without You (08-27-02)2:25
11.Respect (09-03-02)1:29
12.Before Your Love (09-03-02)3:53
13.A Moment Like This (09-04-02)3:51
14.Anytime (03-26-03)2:38
15.Miss Indepdent (04-09-03)2:15
16.California Dreaming - Final 8 (07-24-02)1:58
17.Joy To The World - Final 7 (07-31-02)1:44
18.Bandstand - Final 6 (08-07-02)1:42
19.That's What Freinds Are For - Final 5 (08-13-02)1:49
20.Burt Bacharach Medley - Final 5 (08-14-02) (by Kelly, Justin, Nikke, Tamra & R.J.)3:35
21.Paula Abdul Medley - Final 4 (08-21-02) (by Kelly, Justin, Nikki & Tamra)2:56
22.I'm Born Again & Ain't No Mountain (by Kelly, Justin, Tamra & Will)3:49
23.Love Will Keep Us Together - Final 3 (08-28-02) (by Kelly, Justin & Nikki)1:46
24.It Takes Two - Final 2 (09-04-02) (by Kelly & Justin)1:46
25.Does He Love You - (by Kelly Clarkson & Reba McEntire)4:01
26.Without You (1) (08-27-02)2:29
27.A Moment Like This (The Tonight Show) (09-05-02)3:42
28.Queen of the Night3:08
29.To Make You Feel My Love4:08
31.The Star Spangled Banner1:43
Kelly Clarkson / Kelly Clarkson - BreakawayDetails
Tracks: 12
Total time: 44:42
Year: 2005
Disc-ID: data / b30a7f0c
1.Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway3:57
2.Kelly Clarkson - Since U Been Gone3:08
3.Kelly Clarkson - Behind These Hazel Eyes3:18
4.Kelly Clarkson - Because Of You3:39
5.Kelly Clarkson - Gone3:27
6.Kelly Clarkson - Addicted3:57
7.Kelly Clarkson - Where Is Your Heart4:39
8.Kelly Clarkson - Walk Away3:08
9.Kelly Clarkson - You Found Me3:39
10.Kelly Clarkson - I Hate Myself For Losing You3:20
11.Kelly Clarkson - Hear Me3:56
12.Kelly Clarkson - Beautiful Disaster [Live]4:34
Kelly Clarkson / Best of Kelly ClarksonDetails
Tracks: 19
Total time: 70:16
Year: 2012
Disc-ID: rock / f3108313
1.The Trouble With Love Is3:41
2.Miss Independent3:34
4.Before Your Love3:59
6.Since U Been Gone3:08
7.Behind These Hazel Eyes3:18
8.Because of You3:39
9.Walk Away3:08
10.Never Again3:36
12.One Minute3:06
13.Don't Waste Your Time3:36
14.My Life Would Suck Without You3:33
15.I Do Not Hook Up3:22
16.Already Gone4:43
17.All I Ever Wanted4:01
18.Mr. Know It All3:52
Kelly Clarkson / All Star Karaoke Kelly Clarkson's Greatest Hits KaraokeDetails
Tracks: 16
Total time: 60:33
Disc-ID: misc / e20e3810
1.A Moment Like This3:57
3.Before Your Love4:06
4.Behind These Hazel Eyes3:34
7.Just Missed The Train4:24
9.Since U Been Gone3:25
10.Some Kind Of Miracle3:53
12.The Trouble With Love3:50
13.Walk Away3:18
14.Where Is Your Heart4:45
15.You Thought Wrong (no duet)6:26
16.Data Track0:06
Kelly Clarkson / American Idol Disc 2Details
Tracks: 18
Total time: 61:17
Year: 2002
Disc-ID: rock / df0e6412
1.Justin Guarini, Tamyra Gray, Will Young, Kelly Clarkson / duet medley3:54
2.American Idols / Love Will Keep Us Together1:48
3.Kelly Clarkson / A Moment Like This3:49
4.American Idols / That's What Friends Are For1:51
5.Kelly Clarkson / Before Your Love3:56
6.Kelly Clarkson / It's Raining Men1:47
7.American Idols / Bandstand1:44
8.Kelly Clarkson / Queen Of The Night3:14
9.Kelly Clarkson / Walk On By2:05
10.Kelly Clarkson / To Make Me Feel You Love4:07
11.Kelly Clarkson / Angel4:28
12.Kelly Clarkson / A Moment Like This (winner)4:01
13.Justin Guarini, Kelly Clarkson / It Takes Two1:46
14.American Idols / Medley10:05
15.Kelly Clarkson / Natural Woman2:37
16.Kelly Clarkson / Respect2:16
17.Kelly Clarkson / A Moment Like This3:49
18.Kelly Clarkson / Before Your Love4:00
Kelly Clarkson / AMERICAN IDOL SINGLEDetails
Tracks: 2
Total time: 7:48
Year: 2002
Disc-ID: folk / 0a01d402
AMERICAN IDOL 2011 - IDOL 2011 / AMERICAN IDOL 2011 - IDOL 2011Details
Tracks: 21
Total time: 78:14
Disc-ID: rock / 40125f15
1.Stefano Langone - End of the Road (American Idol Performanc3:56
2.Casey Abrams - Nature Boy (American Idol Performance)2:21
3.Casey Abrams - With a Little Help From My Friends (American4:09
4.Naima Adedapo - Umbrella (American Idol Performance)4:35
5.Lauren Alaina - Any Man of Mine (American Idol Performance)3:40
6.James Durbin - Maybe I'm Amazed (American Idol Performance)3:37
7.Ashthon Jones - When You Tell Me That You Love Me (American3:35
8.Stefano Langone - Lately (American Idol Performance)4:34
9.Jacob Lusk - I Believe I Can Fly (American Idol Performance5:14
10.Scotty McCreery - The River (American Idol Performance)3:58
11.Paul McDonald - Come Pick Me Up (American Idol Performance)4:00
12.Thia Megia - Smile (American Idol Performance)2:39
13.Haley Reinhart - Blue (American Idol Performance)2:45
14.Karen Rodriguez - I Could Fall In Love (American Idol Perfo3:49
15.Pia Toscano - All By Myself (American Idol Performance)3:30
16.Haley Reinhart - Call Me (American Idol Performance)3:48
17.Jacob Lusk - Bridge Over Troubled Water (American Idol Perf3:48
18.James Durbin - Heavy Metal (American Idol Performance)3:40
19.Lauren Alaina - The Climb (American Idol Performance)3:39
20.Paul McDonald - Old Time Rock and Roll (American Idol Perfo3:34
21.Scotty McCreery - I Cross My Heart (American Idol Performan3:23
Clarkson, Kelly / American Idol - The Great Holiday ClassicsDetails
Tracks: 2
Total time: 8:17
Year: 2003
Disc-ID: data / 0901f102
1.Oh Holy Night3:32
2.My Grown Up Christmas List4:45
Kelly Clarkson / American Idol - The Great Holdiay Classics Disc 2Details
Tracks: 2
Total time: 8:17
Year: 2003
Disc-ID: rock / 0901f102
1.Oh Holy Night3:32
2.My Grown Up Christmas List4:45
American Idol 2 / American Idol - Season 2 - All-Time Classic American Love SongsDetails
Tracks: 14
Total time: 50:56
Year: 2003
Disc-ID: classical / a60bf60e
1.What the world needs now3:29
3.On the wings of love3:44
4.At Last2:55
5.Three Times a Lady3:22
6.Let's Stay Together3:22
7.Back at one3:34
8.Killing me softly with his song4:28
9.Open Arms3:33
10.How do I live (without you)4:11
11.Over the rainbow3:01
13.God bless the USA (proud to be an american)5:36
14.Data Track0:48

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