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The Wedding Singer Musical Soundtrack / The Wedding Singer Musical SoundtrackDetails
Tracks: 22
Total time: 64:05
Year: 2006
Disc-ID: soundtrack / 2b0f0f16
1.It's Your Wedding Day3:59
3.A Note From Linda2:04
5.Somebody Kill Me1:55
6.A Note From Grandma1:06
7.Casualty Of Love3:13
8.Come Out Of The Dumpster3:09
9.Today You Are A Man1:29
10.George's Prayer1:32
11.Not That Kind Of Thing3:19
12.Saturday Night In The City5:51
13.All About The Green4:41
14.Someday (reprise)1:04
15.Right In Front Of Your Eyes3:29
17.If I Told You3:22
18.Let Me Come Home2:59
19.If I Told You (reprise)2:06
20.Move That Thing2:16
21.Grow Old With You2:17
22.It's Your Wedding Day (finale)3:37
American Wedding - 2003 Music From The Motion Picture (Various Artists) / American...Details
Tracks: 17
Total time: 60:13
Year: 2003
Disc-ID: soundtrack / e10e2511
1.Foo Fighters / Times Like These4:27
2.Good Charlotte / The Anthem2:56
3.New Found Glory / Forget Everything2:34
4.Sum 41 / The Hell Song3:20
5.All American Rejects / Swing Swing3:55
6.Avril Lavigne / I Don't Give3:38
7.Matt Nathanson / Laid3:04
8.American Hi-Fi / The Art of Losing3:23
9.Hot Action Cop / Fever for the Flava4:04
10.Gob / Give Up the Grudge2:59
11.Sugarcult / Bouncing off the Walls2:23
12.Feeder / Come Back Around3:13
13.Nu / Any Other Girl3:25
14.The Working Title / Beloved4:29
15.Blue October / Calling You3:59
16.Joseph Arthur / Honey & The Moon4:45
17.The Wallflowers / Into the Mystic3:39
Wallflowers / The WallflowersDetails
Tracks: 12
Total time: 69:22
Year: 1992
Disc-ID: rock / ba10460c
1.Shy Of The Moon3:16
3.Side Walk Annie5:17
5.Be Your Own Girl5:16
6.Another One In The Dark6:30
7.Ashes To Ashes5:00
8.After The Black Bird Sings4:49
9.Somebody Else's Money8:26
10.Asleep At The Wheel4:49
12.For The Life Of Me4:16
Soundtrack / American WeddingDetails
Tracks: 18
Total time: 62:16
Year: 2003
Disc-ID: soundtrack / fd0e9e12
1.Times Like These4:25
3.Forget Everything2:31
4.Hell Song3:18
5.Swing, Swing3:45
6.I Don't Give A Damn3:34
8.The Art Of Losing (Radio Edit)3:22
9.Fever For The Flava4:04
10.Give Up The Grudge2:57
11.Bouncing Off the Walls2:18
12.Come Back Around3:13
13.Any Other Girl3:07
15.Calling You3:55
16.Honey & the moon4:39
17.Into The Mystic3:36
18.Here She Comes3:08
wed / wedDetails
Tracks: 12
Total time: 59:59
Disc-ID: blues / a40e140c
wedding / weddingDetails
Tracks: 7
Total time: 26:25
Disc-ID: misc / 41063407
1.what a wonderful world-willie nelson2:19
2.sweet thing-maryjblige3:48
3.kiss to build a dream on-louis armstrong3:05
4.danny's song- kenny logins4:19
5.forever and for always-shania twain4:45
6.strawberry-brothersjohnson5:01 affair-sly3:08
Soundtrack / American Pie 2 [Original Soundtrack]Details
Tracks: 15
Total time: 50:31
Disc-ID: soundtrack / b10bdf0f
1.Blink 182 / Every Time I Look for You2:39
2.Green Day / Scumbag1:46
3.Left Front Tire / Bring You Down2:31
4.American Hi-Fi / Vertigo2:14
5.Uncle Kracker / (I'm Gonna) Split This Room in Half3:05
6.3 Doors Down / Be Like That (American Pie Edit)4:00
7.Alient Ant Farm / Good (For a Woman)2:30
8.Angela Ammons / Always Getting Over You4:08
9.Jettingham / Cheating3:49
10.Flying Blind / Smokescreen5:16
11.Fenix TX / Phoebe Cates3:09
12.The Exit / Susan3:14
13.Sum 41 / Fat Lip3:00
14.Lucia / I Will4:26
15.Oleander / Halo4:44
The Wallflowers / The WallflowersDetails
Tracks: 12
Total time: 69:21
Year: 1992
Disc-ID: rock / bb10470c
1.Shy Of The Moon3:16
3.Sidewalk Annie5:17
5.Be Your Own Girl5:16
6.Another One In The Dark6:30
7.Ashes To Ashes5:00
8.After The Black Bird Sings4:48
9.Somebody Else's Money8:26
10.Asleep At The Wheel4:48
12.For The Life Of Me4:16
Weddings / Wedding Classics - Disc 2Details
Tracks: 17
Total time: 75:49
Disc-ID: classical / 0b11ca11
1.Air (from Handel's Water Music)3:15
2.Priere Notre-Dame (from Boellmann's Suite gothique)4:19
3.Concerto for 2 Violins in D minor, 2nd movement (J.S. Bach)6:57
4.Chanson de matin (Elgar)2:56
5.Laudate Dominum (from Mozart's Solemn Vespers)4:09
6.Salut d'amour (Elgar)3:12
7.Meditation (from Massenet's Tha=EFs)4:51
8.Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring (from Bach's Cantata 147)3:00
9.Cantique de Jean Racine (Faur=E9, arr. John Rutter)6:43
10.Wedding March (from Mendelssohn's A Midsummer Night's Dream)3:23
11.Toccata in G (Dubois)6:53
12.Organ Sonata No. 2, 3rd movement (Mendelssohn)2:31
13.Hallelujah Chorus (from Handel's Messiah)3:55
14.Toccata (from Widor's Symphony No. 5)6:04
15.March triomphale - Nun danket alle Gott (Karg-Elert)4:10
16.Andante (from Stanley's Trumpet Voluntary, Op. 6 No. 5)1:55
17.Finale (from Saint-Sains' Symphony No. 3)7:36
Wedding / Best Loved Wedding MusicDetails
Tracks: 15
Total time: 52:33
Year: 2007
Disc-ID: classical / d50c590f
1.O Perfect Love2:18
3.Andante from Violin Concerto in E minor3:06
5.Love Theme from "Romeo and Juliet"2:04
6.Sunrise, Sunset3:29
7.Bach Fugue No. 12:23
8.Hallelujah Chorus4:07
10.Claire De Lune4:01
11.Meditation (Thais)4:37
12.Ave Marie4:47
13.For the Beauty of the Earth2:12
14.Now Thank We All Our God1:55

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