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Vera Hermanová / Old czech organ music of the 18th centuryDetails
Tracks: 19
Total time: 68:13
Disc-ID: classical / 120ffe13
1.Bohuslav Matěj Cernohorsky: Toccata C dur2:36
2.Jan Zach: Preludium a fuga c moll5:01
3.Jirí Ignác Linek: Preambulum C dur3:00
4.Josef Ferdinand Norbert Seger: Preludium a fuga D dur6:59
5.Frantisek Xaver Brixi: Toccata a moll3:32
6.Frantisek Xaver Brixi: Fuga a moll3:30
7.Josef Ferdinand Norbert Seger: Preludium a fuga C dur4:07
8.Antonín Plachy: Pastorální preludium3:31
9.Anonym: Pastorela in C1:31
10.Jakub Jan Ryba: Vánocní písen1:59
11.Anonym: Pastorela1:32
12.Anonym: Fuga G dur "de tempore Natalis"1:49
13.Jan Hladky: Pastorela1:01
14.Jan Krtitel Kuchar: Pastorela D dur3:11
15.Frantisek Xaver Brixi: Seykorka2:18
16.Anonym: Pastorela G dur3:49
17.Jan Krtitel Kuchar: Fantasie d moll5:56
18.Jan Krtitel Kuchar: Fantasie e moll5:10
19.Jan Krtitel Kuchar: Fantasie g moll7:41

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