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Chemical Brothers / Brother's Gonna Work It OutDetails
Tracks: 5
Total time: 68:56
Year: 1998
Disc-ID: rock / 3a102a05
1.Brother's Gonna Work It Out (Willie Hutch) + Not Another Drugstore (Chemical Brothers with Justin Warfield) + Block Rockin' Beats (Chemical Brothers) + This Ain't Chicago (On The House) + It's Just Begun (The Jimmy Castor Bunch)10:53
2.Makin' a Living (Kenny Dope Presents the Powerhouse Three) + Hot Wheels (Badder Than Evil) + The Theme (Unique 3) + Gimme Some Love (Love Corporation)9:13
3.The Jazz (The Micronauts) + Sidewinder (The Serotonin Project) + Doin' it After Dark (Carlos `After Dark' Berrios) + Don't Stop the Rock (Freestyle) + To a Nation Rockin' (Metro LA)15:37
4.Morning Lemon (Chemical Brothers) + Mars Needs Women (Meat Beat Manifesto) + Thunder (Renegade Soundwave) + Losing Control (DBX) + Mother Earth (Dubtribe Sound System)14:51
5.The Riot (Barry de Vorzon and Perry Botkin Jr.) + Trip Harder (The Ultraviolet Catastrophe) + Everything Must Go (Manic Street Preachers) + I Think I'm in Love (Spiritualized)18:22

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