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Various / Essential ParanoidDetails
Tracks: 23
Total time: 73:38
Disc-ID: rock / 5e114e17
1.Black Sabbath: Paranoid (original version)2:53
2.Poverty Stinks: Paranoid2:43
3.Black Sabbath: Paranoid (Live At Last version)3:27
4.Hangover: Paranoid (live version)3:12
5.Black Sabbath: Paranoid (Live Evil version)3:59
6.Type O Negative: Paranoid7:26
7.Extra Hot Sauce: Paranoid1:28
8.Black Sabbath: Paranoid (Paris Dec 20 1970 live version)3:31
9.Eläkeläiset: Hullun jenkka1:21
10.Black Sabbath: Paranoid (Cross Purposes live version)5:18
11.Sopor Aeturnus: Dio Narap3:05
12.Ultraviolence: Paranoid3:50
13.Ozzy Osbourne: Paranoid (live version)3:20
14.Freud, Mark, Engels & Jung: Metsänpoika1:56
15.Ozzy Osbourne: Paranoid (2nd live version)3:09
16.Franko Bertoni An Der Hammondorgel Mit Seiner Rhythmusgruppe: Paranoid1:59
17.Hush Puppies: Vainoharha (live version)2:47
18.Clay People: Paranoid3:44
19.Megadeth: Paranoid2:36
20.Long Winters Stare: Paranoid2:57
21.Odes Of Ecstasy: Paranoid3:03
22.Unknown: Paranoid (midi version)2:52
23.PMM Sings: Paranoid3:02

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