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The Left / Jesus Loves the LeftDetails
Tracks: 20
Total time: 53:20
Disc-ID: newage / 1c0c8a14
2.Youngster On the Force1:44
5.Fuck It1:47
8.5 AM2:52
9.The Viet Cong Live Next Door2:46
11.TV Eye4:27
12.Teenage Suicide2:22
13.My Shows2:04
14.Aids Alley2:51
15.Reunion 7-112:25
16.You're So2:18
17.State of Mind4:32
19.Columbus Day2:19
20.A Perfect World4:02
ZZ Top / Jesus Left ChicagoDetails
Tracks: 18
Total time: 73:25
Year: 1987
Disc-ID: rock / f9113e12
1.Got Me Under Pressure4:14
2.Sleeping Bag3:56
3.Waiting For The Bus2:33
4.Jesus Left Chicago3:53
5.medley:Gimme All Your Lovin' / Wake Up With Wood4:10
6.Ten Foot Pole3:31
7.Manic Mechanic3:00
8.Heard It On The X2:35
9.Rough Boy5:13
10.Cheap Sunglasses3:59
11.Arrested While Driving Blind8:14
13.Sharp Dressed Man5:33
14.Can't Stop Rocking3:45
15.Velcro Fly3:46
16.Tube Snake Boogie2:35
17.La Grange4:04
JUST / JustDetails
Tracks: 7
Total time: 28:46
Year: 2001
Disc-ID: rock / 5506c107
5.I'M NOT HIM5:04
Chicago Is Just That Way [1949-1951]cdD / Chicago Is Just That Way [1949-1951]cdDDetails
Tracks: 28
Total time: 76:59
Disc-ID: blues / c912141c
1.Jazz Gillum / Look What You Are Today2:57
2.Jazz Gillum / A Lie Is Dangerous2:32
3.Crudup, Big Boy / Hand Me Down My Walking Cane2:45
4.Big Maceo Merriweather / Big City Blues2:33
5.Big Maceo Merriweather / Do You Remember2:27
6.Big Maceo Merriweather / Just Tell Me Baby2:31
7.Big Maceo Merriweather / One Sunday Morning2:50
8.Jimmy Rogers / That's All Right2:26
9.Jimmy Rogers / I'm in Love2:32
10.Willie Mabon / Boogie Man3:12
11.Willie Mabon / It Keeps Rainin'2:49
12.Snooky Pryor / Boogy Fool2:27
13.Snooky Pryor / Raisin' Sand2:43
14.Memphis Minnie / Why Did I Make You Cry2:45
15.Memphis Minnie / Kid Man Blues2:34
16.Jimmy Rogers / Ludella1:59
17.Leroy Foster / Boll Weevil2:44
18.Leroy Foster / Red Headed Woman2:46
19.Leroy Foster / Rollin' and Tumblin', Pt. 12:50
20.Leroy Foster / Rollin' and Tumblin', Pt. 23:15
21.Little Walter / Bad Acting Woman2:46
22.Little Walter / Just Keep Loving Her2:55
23.Tony Hollins / Wine-O-Woman3:11
24.Tony Hollins / Crawlin' King Snake3:08
25.Big Bill Broonzy / Leavin' Day3:01
26.Big Bill Broonzy / Southbound Train3:00
27.Robert Lockwood, Jr. / I'm Gonna Dig Myself a Hole2:39
28.Robert Lockwood, Jr. / Dust My Broom2:42
Chicago Is Just That Way [1949-1953]cdA / Chicago Is Just That Way [1949-1953]cdADetails
Tracks: 28
Total time: 79:44
Disc-ID: blues / b012bc1c
1.Tampa Red / It's a Brand New Boogie2:59
2.Tampa Red / When Things Go Wrong With You2:56
3.Tampa Red / Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is2:50
4.Tampa Red / That's Her Own Business2:54
5.Tampa Red / 1950 Blues3:15
6.Tampa Red / It's Good Like That2:32
7.Tampa Red / Love Her With a Feelin'3:15
8.Tampa Red / New Deal Blues3:14
9.Tampa Red / Don't Blame Shorty for That2:47
10.Tampa Red / Sweet Little Angel2:58
11.Tampa Red / She's Dynamite2:19
12.Tampa Red / Pretty Baby Blues3:00
13.Tampa Red / Early in the Morning3:14
14.Tampa Red / Boogie Woogie Woman2:25
15.Tampa Red / I Won't Let Her Do It2:45
16.Tampa Red / Green and Lucky Blues2:47
17.Tampa Red / I'm Gonna Put You Down2:50
18.Tampa Red / But I Forgive You2:52
19.Tampa Red / Too Late Too Long3:01
20.Tampa Red / I'll Never Let You Go2:21
21.Tampa Red / Got a Mind to Leave This Town2:38
22.Jimmy Eager & His Trio [Tampa Red] / Please Mr. Doctor2:51
23.Jimmy Eager & His Trio [Tampa Red] / I Should Have Loved Her More3:00
24.Tampa Red [Sonny Boy Williamson,harmonica] / So Crazy About You Baby3:02
25.Tampa Red [Sonny Boy Williamson,harmonica] / If She Don't Come Back2:36
26.Tampa Red [Walter Horton,harmonica] / Big Stars Falling Blues3:09
27.Tampa Red [Walter Horton,harmonica] / Rambler's Blues2:44
28.Tampa Red [Walter Horton,harmonica] / Evalena2:30
Chicago Is Just That Way [1947-1948]cdC / Chicago Is Just That Way [1947-1948]cdCDetails
Tracks: 28
Total time: 77:31
Year: 1947
Disc-ID: blues / 8312391c
1.Sunnyland Slim / Jivin' Boogie2:38
2.Sunnyland Slim / Brown Skin Woman2:51
3.Sunnyland Slim / 5 Foot 4 Gal3:02
4.Sunnyland Slim / I've Done You Wrong3:08
5.Big Joe Williams / Worried Man Blues2:36
6.Johnny Young / Money Taking Woman2:55
7.Sonny Boy Williamson / Bring Another Half a Pint3:05
8.Sonny Boy Williamson / Better Cut That Out3:00
9.Eddie Boyd / Blue Monday Blues2:54
10.Roosevelt Sykes / Lowland Blues2:24
11.Roosevelt Sykes / Savoy Boogie2:31
12.Roosevelt Sykes / Candy Man Blues2:33
13.Roosevelt Sykes / Why Should I Cry2:26
14.Floyd Jones / Hard Times2:42
15.Floyd Jones / School Days2:45
16.Snooky & Moody / Boogie2:19
17.Snooky & Moody / Telephone Blues2:46
18.Jimmy Rogers / Little Store Blues2:50
19.Lillie Mae / Lovin' Man Blues2:52
20.St. Louis Jimmy / One Doggone Reason3:03
21.St. Louis Jimmy / Coming Up Fast2:42
22.Little Walter / Blue Baby2:16
23.Little Walter / I Want My Baby2:47
24.Man Young / Let Me Ride Your Mule2:41
25.Man Young / My Baby Walked Out2:57
26.Eddie Boyd / Chicago Is Just That Way2:51
27.Big Bill Broonzy / I Love My Whiskey3:05
28.Big Bill Broonzy / Water Coast Blues2:52
Chicago / / Chicago /Details
Tracks: 7
Total time: 48:36
Disc-ID: jazz / 4c0b6707
1.25 or 6 to 45:38
3.Purple Song5:52
4.I´m a man6:56
6.Does anybody know what time it is3:05
7.Questions 67/ 684:49
Chicago / ChicagoDetails
Tracks: 9
Total time: 44:42
Disc-ID: misc / 6c0a7c09
1.A Hit By Varese4:53
2.All Is Well3:50
3.Now That You Have Gone5:03
5.While The City Sleeps3:54
6.Saturday In The Park3:58
7.State Of The Union6:11
9.Alma Mater3:44
Chicago / ChicagoDetails
Tracks: 16
Total time: 71:40
Disc-ID: rock / ed10d210
1.Feelin' Stronger Every Day4:16
2.Just You And Me3:46
4.What's This World Comin' To5:03
5.Darlin' Dear3:00
8.In Terms Of Two3:32
9.Something In This City Changes People3:44
10.Critics Choice2:50
11.25 Or 6 To 45:15
12.I'm A Man7:11
13.Questions 67 & 685:02
14.Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is3:17
16.Purple Song5:53
Chicago / ChicagoDetails
Tracks: 11
Total time: 38:34
Disc-ID: rock / 92090e0b
1.Once or twice3:05
2.You are on my mind3:16
3.Skin tight3:23
4.If you leave me now3:54
5.Together again3:53
6.Another rainy day in New York City3:22
7.Mama mama3:53
9.Gently I'll wake you3:32
10.You get it up3:44
11.Hope for love3:01

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