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Caravan / CaravanDetails
Tracks: 17
Total time: 73:56
Year: 1968
Disc-ID: rock / e2115b11
1.Place Of My Own4:07
4.Love Song With Flute4:10
5.Cecil Rons4:07
6.Magic Man4:02
7.Grandma's Lawn3:26
8.Where But For Caravan Would I?9:01
9.Place Of My Own4:03
12.Love Song With Flute4:11
13.Cecil Rons4:08
14.Magic Man4:02
15.Grandma's Lawn3:25
16.Where But For Caravan Would I?9:01
17.Hello Hello3:15
Caravans / The Best of the CaravansDetails
Tracks: 23
Total time: 75:11
Disc-ID: misc / 4a11aa17
1.I Won't Be Back (Shirley Caesar)2:27
2.The Blood (It Will Never Lose It's Power) (Albertina Walker)2:54
3.Remember Me (Cassieta George)3:28
4.Your Friend (Inez Andrews)2:07
5.The Lord Will Provide (Albertina Walker)3:52
6.Lord Keep Me Day By Day (Eddie Williams)3:13
7.Mary Don't You Weep (Inez Andrews)6:33
8.Choose Ye This Day (Shirley Caesar)4:41
9.He Won't Deny Me (Inez Andrews)2:21
10.You Can't Beat God Giving (Albertina Walker & Eddie Williams)4:04
11.No Coward Soldier (Shirley Caesar)2:21
12.Seek Ye The Lord (Delores Washington)3:16
13.I'm Not Tired Yet (Inez Andrews)2:44
14.One Of These Old Days (Shirley Caesar)2:23
15.What Will Tomorrow Bring (Josephine Howard)3:57
16.Must Jesus Bear The Cross Alone (James Herndon)3:20
17.I'm Willing (Albertina Walker & Inez Andrews)3:47
18.Come On Jesus (Inez Andrews)2:37
19.To Whom Shall I Turn (Albertina Walker)2:32
20.Hallelujah It's Done (Shirley Caesar)4:10
21.The Lord Will Make A Way (Albertina Walker)3:04
22.Make It In (Albertina Walker & Inez Andrews)2:38
23.Show Me Some Sign (Albertina Walker)2:42
Davidoff Cool Water (misc. artists) / CD Cool MusicDetails
Tracks: 8
Total time: 48:16
Year: 2002
Disc-ID: misc / 5f0b5208
3.Deeper blue5:52
5.D.J.G.G. (edit)7:42
8.DATA track5:13
Caravan / Caravan & THe New SymphoniaDetails
Tracks: 10
Total time: 78:15
Year: 1973
Disc-ID: rock / 7c125a0a
1.Introduction by alan black1:05
2.Memory lain, hugh - headloss9:55
3.The dog, the dog, he's at it again6:35
6.The love in your eye12:49
7.Mirror for the day4:29
8.Virgin on the Ridiculous7:57
9.For richard14:18
10.A hunting we shall go10:24
Caravan / Caravan & the new SymphoniaDetails
Tracks: 5
Total time: 43:33
Year: 1974
Disc-ID: rock / 390a3605
2.Mirror for the day4:31
3.The love in your eyes12:00
4.Virgin on the ridiculous7:44
5.For Richard13:38
Caravan / Caravan Of LoveDetails
Tracks: 3
Total time: 17:21
Year: 1995
Disc-ID: newage / 20041203
1.Caravan Of Love (Radio Cut)3:25
2.Caravan Of Love (Maxi Cut)6:29
3.Caravan Of Love (XL Maxi)7:27
Caravane / Caravane sans FiltreDetails
Tracks: 14
Total time: 51:42
Year: 2010
Disc-ID: folk / ba0c230e
2.Swing Gitanes3:27
3.Akana Amen Keras2:28
7.Vitamine C2:37
9.Bellevue Rendez-Vous3:52
11.Les Yeux Noirs5:46
12.Douce Ambiance3:20
13.Marche Manouche3:05
14.Chez Jacquet3:22
Ratko Divjak & Caravan / CaravanDetails
Tracks: 8
Total time: 43:48
Year: 1998
Disc-ID: jazz / 660a4808
2.Nothing Personal4:55
3.All Blues6:00
4.Sister Sadie5:34
5.Love For Sale5:40
6.Maiden Voyage5:15
7.So What5:53
The Caravans / Seek Ye The Load / The Soul Of The CaravansDetails
Tracks: 24
Total time: 67:30
Disc-ID: folk / 5d0fdd18
1.amazing grace4:19
2.just like him2:19
3.nobody knows like the lord2:01
4.sacred head1:53
5.lord stay with me2:50 whom shall I turn2:32
7.must jesus bear the cross alone3:17
8.I'm ready to serve the lord3:00 coward soldier2:19 ye the lord3:15
11.'til I meet the lord1:51
12.jesus will save2:56
13.'til you com2:28
14.jord, don't leave us now2:27
15.jesus and me2:26 of these old days2:22
17.everything you need3:28
18.what will tomorrow bring4:00
19.I don't mind2:22 must not suffer loss3:39
21.I'm going thru2:49
22.a place like that2:25 religion2:46
24.unto thee oh lord3:46
Caravan / The Best Of CaravanDetails
Tracks: 14
Total time: 55:33
Year: 1997
Disc-ID: rock / ba0d0a0e
1.And I Wish I Were Stoned - Don't Worry8:20
2.Can't Belong Now3:38
4.For Richard0:55
6.No Backstage Pass4:35
7.The Dog, The Dog, He's At It Again5:58
8.The Love In Your Eye2:48
9.To Catch Me A Brother1:33
12.Tilbury Kecks2:47
13.In Th Land Of Grey And Pink4:54
14.Memory Lain, Hugh4:54

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