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Dainty / The Own ShowDetails
Tracks: 7
Total time: 27:22
Year: 2009
Disc-ID: rock / 59066b07
3.Killing Your Equals4:28
4.Put Your Heart On The Table3:43
5.The Own Show3:22
6.Let Go3:55
Arab & Taxman / DaintiesDetails
Tracks: 4
Total time: 26:23
Year: 2001
Disc-ID: rock / 34063004
1.Moth In Pocket / Arab & Taxman7:10
2.Morelli Girl / Kurt Uswad & The Bob6:07
3.Stop Knocking / Howlin' Dog Rufus & The Bob4:29
4.Chicky / Arab & Taxman8:37
Peter Dainty / The Love of a KingDetails
Tracks: 13
Total time: 59:09
Year: 2008
Disc-ID: soundtrack / bc0de20d
1.In April 19872:10
2.1 A Lonely Child5:26
3.2 The Prince of Wales2:28
4.3 The Royal Star3:55
5.4 The Meeting5:51
6.5 Wallis5:08
7.6 The King is Dead! Long Live the King!3:10
8.7 The Church5:03
9.8 The Storm6:25
10.9 The Woman I Love7:17
11.10 The Wedding2:36
12.11 Paris6:26
13.12 Long Live Love!3:14
The Duckbills / Dainty Blonde MonstersDetails
Tracks: 15
Total time: 60:58
Year: 2009
Disc-ID: rock / a80e4f0f
1.Clear Water3:28
2.Light Baggage Travels Fast2:50
4.When I First Saw You3:20
5.Dainty Blonde Monster2:39
6.Little Girl3:39
7.Zombie Love2:05
8.My Love Guarantee4:50
9.Going Postal6:00
10.Surrounded By Liars3:03
11.Adam Found His Eve3:53
13.Voyager Of Love3:38
14.Susan, Vice President4:43
15.Stars Are Dead & Gone9:11
Marty Wall and Gary Charlson / Ed's Dainty CorsagesDetails
Tracks: 16
Total time: 48:22
Year: 2000
Disc-ID: folk / e20b5e10
2.Mistakes Heartaches Me and You2:56
3.Up North4:37
4.Count Me In2:51
6.Paper To Write On2:30
7.Rose Garden2:00
9.Fees So Good2:12
11.Gift To You2:07
12.Devil Women3:01
13.About You Without You2:39
14.Red X4:10
15.The Memory Of You2:48
16.Better Than That2:54
Various / Dainty Debutantes: Female Novelty Pianits of The 1930sDetails
Tracks: 26
Total time: 78:24
Year: 2009
Disc-ID: jazz / 7d126c1a
1.Edythe Baker/Dancing Till Dawn2:51
2.Edythe Baker/You Are My Heart's Delight2:17
3.Raie Da Costa/I've Got You on My Mind2:55
4.Raie Da Costa/Thanks3:17
5.Raie Da Costa/Mr. Whittington Medley Part 12:43
6.Raie Da Costa/Mr. Whittington Medley Part 23:16
7.Raie Da Costa/Just by Your Example3:23
8.Raie Da Costa/Ridin' Around in The Rain2:38
9.Raie Da Costa/Just Hamming Along2:18
10.Vera Guilaroff/Film Hits Medley Part 13:13
11.Vera Guilaroff/Film Hits Medley Part 23:24
12.Beryl Newell/Jazz Up Your Lingerie2:25
13.Beryl Newell/Black-Eyed Susan Brown2:31
14.Renara/Two for Tonight Medley Part 13:17
15.Renara/Two for Tonight Medley Part 23:15
16.Renara/Gershwin Medley Part 13:16
17.Renara/Gershwin Medley Part 23:22
18.Renara/Zing! Went The Strings of My Heart3:04
19.Renara/Sweet Adeline Medley Part 13:19
20.Renara/Sweet Adeline Medley Part 23:10
21.Patricia Rossborough/Dainty Debutante3:11
22.Patricia Rossborough/Piccadilly Playtime3:22
23.Patricia Rossborough/Darts and Doubles2:33
24.Patricia Rossborough/To A Wild Rose3:24
25.Patricia Rossborough/Crazy Days3:37
26.Patricia Rossborough/The King of Hearts2:23

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